How to Find Downloaded Movies on Windows, Mac and Android



Where are movies saved on MAC?

Find downloaded movies

If you’re a Mac user. Many times you downloaded movies to watch after downloading offline. But when you try to find it. It is lost somewhere else in your Mac and hidden in subfolders as you forget to store it in the desired directory. In the following, the solution is mentioned. So, it can be found easily.

If you know about the terminal, run the terminal. app and follow the given instructions:

  • Open $TMPDIR/

If you often use butter, then analyze the butter folder.

Moreover, open the Popcorn Time App folder, where you’ll find a subfolder having an unusual file name of “bd307515be98eeceba590a74ce60dd32f51e6b7a”. Or some name which is unrealistic with .mp4 format that’s your downloaded file.

  • Open $TMPDIR/Butter

To access the offline videos, you can make a copy of the folder on the shortcut. So, it saves time and allows you to get instant access to the desired shows. Anytime Anywhere.

Another way to find the folder in just a few clicks:

  • Run “Finder” Click the menu bar, then “Go to Folder.”
  • Type “/Library” and Enter.
  • In the search bar, type Popcorn Time, where you’ll find the files and folders associated with Popcorn Time App.

List of directories where you can access downloaded shows on Mac:

  • /Library/Application Support/PopcornTime
  • /Library/Caches/PopcornTime
  • /Library/Saved Application State/se.popcorn-time.PopcornTime.savedState
  • /Library/Preferences/com.time4popcorn.Popcorn Time.plist

How to find downloaded movies on Windows

Find downloaded shows on windows

If you’re a Windows user, it may happen to you. After downloading the shows from the app, you can’t find them anywhere on your local disks. Or not even in the target directory. The following steps will help you find the pre-download titles in just a couple of clicks.

The following procedure works for windows 7, 8, and 10.

  1. Go to the search bar from “File Explorer.”
  2. Now Go to C drive.
  3. Or paste “C:\\users\PC User Name\AppData\Local\Temp”.
  4. In the files, the .mp4 format will show up.
  5. Make sure to uncheck the “hide items.”
  6. Enjoy Watching! 

How to get downloaded movies on Android

Find movies on android

  • Open File Manager
  • Storage/emulated/0/time4popcorn
  • Copy or move to another folder (optional)
  • Use an external video player like “MX Player or VLC Android”
  • Enjoy Streaming!

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