How Popcorn Time Is Legal – A Definitive Answer

how popcorn time is legal to use

There are lots of users searching how popcorn time is legal to use. You must know that the popcorn time is not available officially on operating systems play store but why we have covered this in below article, but the main reason you cannot compromise on your entertainment sessions. You can still download and install on many of your devices and can have a great time with your friends and family. 

Popcorn time is the best app for streaming your favorite shows and movies; that’s not all. You can also download your favorite collection without any monthly charges. 


How Popcorn Time Is legal?

In its early days, the popcorn time was available on all platforms and gained massive attention and response from the users, but due to its illegal operations, it was banned and removed from app stores from all operating systems. 

You can still download and install apps on all devices. You cannot directly download and install into any device, and there is a specific procedure to download and install popcorn time. If you want to install popcorn time on android, you can check the article in detail for easy installation. 

You cannot use popcorn time in specific locations, but the app has a built-in VPN, which automatically activates when the app is running and vice versa. 

If, due to some reason, the app is not responding on your device for a long time, you can download and install the new version and enjoy the best time with your friends and family. 


How popcorn time became illegal?

An app is supposed to be illegal when they violate community guidelines. The popcorn time was using pirated content. It used to source content from torrent to serve its viewers, as the pirated content is illegal to use. There are no monthly charges for the app to subscribe to; it’s entirely free, and you can use it anytime, anywhere. 


How does popcorn time work?

It sources merely the content from torrent. It all works in a process that when a user searches for any content, the popcorn time sources the content from torrent servers. You can stream online, download, and watch later all your favorite shows and movies. 


Features of popcorn time

Popcorn time is offering lots of features you will not find in any other apps.

A large collection of data

The popcorn time has a huge collection. You can watch all the old and trending shows online. You can also download it on any device using popcorn time.

No subscription charges

There are no monthly or annual subscription charges for popcorn time, and you can use all its features for free. You can stream and download all your favorite collections at any time.



There are lots of apps available online, they were restricted to use due to violation, but they are still available and working fine. You can download and install popcorn time on any device. Officially it is not available on verified platforms, but you can download it from our website. We also offer all updates that will be available in the future. Keep connected for future updates, so your entertainment never gets disturbed. 



Q. Is popcorn time legal to use?

Officially, it is not legal to use in different locations, but it has a built-in VPN you can use with any blocking.

Q. From where can I download popcorn time?

You can download popcorn time for all platforms from our website; you can see it on the top for navigation.

Q. Is it safe to use popcorn time?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use popcorn time. You can download it from the above section and install it on your device easily. 


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