How to Download Popcorn Time on Android

how to download popcorn time

Are you too want to know how to download popcorn time on your android? First, let’s see some essential details of it.

Popcorn Time APK is a service where, based on a P2P scheme, you can stream series and videos online for free. A free multi-device program that uses torrent files to view any video. Something similar to Netflix at first glance and in terms of interface, but without the expense and with a somewhat different operation: Popcorn Time is based on torrent use and facilitates streaming thanks to an included multimedia player.

The film service was born as a multiplatform technology in 2014 from which we were able to view all sorts of content free of charge. You will stream all the movies or shows you want from the website itself without having to import the files to your device, your laptop, or your phone.


What is Popcorn Time?

It is an open-source initiative run by people around the world that strives to make it available to everyone with thousands of movie titles. For all kinds of platforms, popcorn time can be download for free: on Android, Mac or Windows or Linux machines, and tablets, or also directly for Android TV use. To make it work, it uses a P2P mechanism that instantly communicates everything we see.

It was a major breakthrough in the field of piracy at its introduction, so it was not important to have the technical expertise to access the site and be able to see what we needed without having to import film by film, but by seeing it directly from the application that was intended for it. Popcorn Time, after being haunted for years, is still alive.

The service is no longer as popular as it was at its 2014 launch, but it is still used by thousands of individuals. Thanks to the open-source scheme, it has escaped legal disputes and lawsuits because it is a website that does not store copyright content, but rather allows us to replicate them, it acts as a streaming torrent store.

Since its introduction in 2014, the application has attempted to flourish on the Internet, but it has not been easy. It’s been changing hands. It closed and opened over and over again. The original version shut down only a couple of months after its publication, and the app forked into separate communities that wanted to maintain a program that had transformed the way movies were played online.

Two parties that used the source code arrived: one of them was sponsored by the initial developers (, and it mutated before what we see today was accomplished. The other did not obtain this permission and is not open at present (Time4Popcorn)

Due to external interference and to concerns within the production team, was closed in October 2015. The MPAA, The Motion Picture Association of America (Motion Picture Association of the United States), affected the closing and applied control. This caused to close in order to prevent legal trouble.

In comparison, the domain was acquired by the MPAA only a few weeks back. This is how founded in February 2016, claiming to be the official successor of the service closed in 2015 and reviving the project through P2P networks.

How does it work?

You are not going to encounter any problems at the consumer level. Only download Popcorn Time from your device or tablet or cell phone. When you have Popcorn Time installed, you will be able to access the full catalog of movies and series available without registering to see the one you want.

Popcorn Time is based on P2P because when we download it, all we see is shared. When you are watching a movie on the site, you even share it with other users at the time. The software streams a sequentially downloaded torrent format, meaning you don’t have to wait for the whole material to be downloaded while you are viewing it. Automatically, when the update is taking place, you play. The torrents used in the interface can also be included, but you can do so with every other torrent as well.

It stays as a temporary file on your drive after you stop watching the movie before you restart the machine or laptop in question. It will vanish at that stage unless you want differently and choose to store it.

How to Download Popcorn Time APK on Android

This app is available free to download on your smart android phone, android smart TVs, PC, and Tablets. Moreover, you can download it on any operating system like Android, Linux, Windows, or Mac.

You can not find the application in the Google Play Store in the situation of Android, but if you wish to download it to your cell phone or tablet, you need to do so from the download button below from the APK file of the downloadable application. But first, you need to enable the ‘installing from unknown sources’ option to turn off the Android external downloading security.

The route may vary depending on the phone, but you can access, in general terms, the following steps similar to these:

  • Go to Settings on your Android
  • Choose the Security option.
  • Tap on Additional Settings
  • Open the option “Install applications from external sources.”
  • Select the applications you want to allow to do so
  • Download and install the Popcorn Time APK from its website

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