How To Install Popcorn Time on Roku

If you are having trouble with how to install popcorn time apk on Roku, we have discussed in detail in the article below, and there are various steps and procedures to follow. The process is easy and simple.

What is ROKU?

Roku is a small portable device that can upscale your simple TV into an entertainment zone. It gives you access to all entertainment apps such as Netflix, Disney, and many others. Just connect the Roku with TV, log in with your subscription details, and enjoy seamless entertainment sessions with your friends and family. 

how to install popcorn time on roku

Popcorn Time on ROKU

Just like popcorn time is available on many devices, it is also available on Roku. Popcorn time has not officially introduced a dedicated application for Roku, but you can install it through a different process. The process has been listed below. 

How to install popcorn time on Roku

Many users find it complicated to install popcorn time on Roku, but it is simple and easy. If you haven’t installed it yet and are not familiar with its process, check the procedure below. 

You have to install a third-party application Plex, just after this, go through the process listed below,

  • Download the Plex server file into your Pc or Click here
  • Install the Plex into your pc
  • Open the plex and create your account on it 
  • Install the popcorn time on plex 
  • Connect Roku device with your TV
  • Install Plex into it
  • Login into plex with same login details
  • Open the popcorn time in it
  • Enjoy downloading and streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. 

First, you have to install the plex into your pc then the plex will stream popcorn time on your TV.

Popcorn time

Popcorn time is an online application where you can watch your favorite shows and movies on all devices. There is no need to make a subscription; you get direct access to all premium stuff through torrent. The features of popcorn time are listed below.

Features of popcorn time

It has a lot of features that give you the best entertainment experience. You can enjoy the best time with your friends and family.

Large collection 

It has a massive collection of movies and TV shows, and you can sync all old and new entertainment stuff. There are no charges to download or watch. It is free all the time.

Built-in VPN

You don’t have to purchase an additional VPN to play popcorn time on Roku. It has a built-in. It automatically switches on when you play and switch off when you exit. 

Final words

To get the best experience from your Roku device, you can install popcorn time into it. If you are not familiar with its installation, you can check the process in detail for smooth installation. Popcorn time is not officially available for Roku, but you can install popcorn time into plex and plex into Roku. 


Q. Can I install popcorn time directly on Roku?

Ans. No, you cannot install popcorn time on Roku; also, you have to sign up for plex and install popcorn time into it and play popcorn time with plex.

Q. Is it legal to use popcorn time on Roku?

The official app is not available to use; due to some violations, the app is not available at different play stores, but you download and install it from trusted resources.

Q. Should I have to buy a monthly subscription to play movies on popcorn time?

You don’t have to buy any monthly subscription to play your favorite movies and shows on popcorn time. All the collection is free to watch. 

Q. Is it safe to use popcorn time on Roku?

Yes, it is entirely safe to install and use popcorn time on Roku. 


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