How To Install Popcorn Time On Xbox One

install popcorn time on xbox one

The popcorn time has been on the top line in entertainment apps and most liked by the users. It is officially available for a few platforms only, but you can download and install it on all platforms. Your Xbox one could be more than a gaming zone. You might be thinking about how to install popcorn time on Xbox one? Well, it’s super easy and once it’s done, enjoy the best entertainment experience with your friends and family. 

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Popcorn Time On Xbox One

You don’t have to buy an additional device to watch your favorite movies and shows on TV, if you have an Xbox one you can play video games, in addition, you can turn it into your entertainment source. There is no need to buy an additional subscription from other platforms, and you can get access to all movies and TV shows with popcorn time apk on Xbox One. 

Officially the popcorn time is not available on the Microsoft store, so you cannot download and install popcorn time directly on your Xbox One. We have discussed the complete process in detail, check the guide below. 

How to Stream/Install Popcorn Time on Xbox One

To install popcorn time on Xbox one, you need an android device. Switch on both the device and follow the below process step by step.

  • Download the popcorn time app into your android device or phone to download click here 
  • Install the popcorn time on your android phone or device ( if you are having trouble in downloading or installing the app on an android device click here)    
  • Open the app and on the top right corner select casting 
  • You will find your Xbox one in searching
  • Select the device and the casting will continue 
  • You can use your Xbox One controller to navigate the popcorn time app.

You cannot directly download, install and play the popcorn time on Xbox, and you have to download it on your android device and then cast it on your Xbox. 

Final words

You can do more with your Xbox ones such as watching all your favorite shows and movies with your friends and family. If you find it complicated, take it easy. We have a super solution for your sticky problem the above guide is accurate and tested successfully. You can also follow the guide and make your Xbox one a complete entertainment zone all time. 


Q. Which popcorn time is real?

Ans. The popcorn time application listed on the top is real and up to date. It is not officially available on platform stores. You can download it from here and install it on your device.

Q. How does popcorn time work?

It imports the files from torrent, and you can download and stream online. The overall quality of the content is best and gives you the best entertainment experience. 

Q. How to update popcorn time?

Every time you will get the notification when a new update is available. If the update is not installed automatically, you have to update the application manually. Just repeat the process given above. Frequently visit our website to get to know about upcoming updates. 

Q. Is popcorn time legit?

Officially it is not legit, but you can download and use it through using a VPN. You don’t have to buy an additional VPN, and it has a built-in VPN when you play the app VPN automatically switches on, and when you exit the app, it gets switched off.  

Q. Why is popcorn time not working?

There might be some connection problem at your side, and if you are finding it complicated to reinstall the application, it will hopefully work this time. If still, you are facing the problem, you can comment your question in the below section.

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