What Happened to Popcorn Time?

what happen to popcorn time app

Popcorn time app is a streaming software for strangers and adults. Containing hundreds of premium movies and TV series for free of cost. Not available on the app store and Google Play Store. Do you know why it is not available on both platforms?

The answer is pretty simple because the popcorn app allows users to watch movies and titles at no cost. That’s why most of the Netflix library movies available there, and the Netflix consumers are getting the same service.

To fulfill the loss Popcorn app was complained by the companies because of providing patent services. As a result, the app was officially removed by the google play store. Similarly, the Apple store also disappeared from this app from the market. 

Moreover, users who have already installed the app on their digital devices can easily access the films. But for new users, it was not possible to download the app organically. As mentioned above in the article, this app is so popular that leaving it is impossible. To overcome this obstacle, many apk websites like our popcornapk.com released the app on their private servers. For those who have not installed the app yet.

Suppose you’re worried about not getting the software from the web. Your problem is resolved effectively by our team. You can easily download it from our blog for any digital device, including Android, iPhone, and Windows.

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